River Phoenix as Chris Chambers in Stand by me (1986)(original colour pic shared by Nina in River Phoenix Brasil Fansite FB)thanks Nina, you’re always so sweet here and there! :-)

(lost the tutorial link for this type of gif. when found, credit is due.)

Stand by me by Ray FerrerSpray paint on canvas, via Etsy

this morning I had a half hour break before my next class so I went to browse the secondhand books that this old dude sells on campus every once in a while and I came across this Stephen King book which is a compilation of a bunch of his novellas
so long story short, I’ve been looking for this book for a couple years now and I finally found it and it’s important bc it’s the book that has the story The Body aka Stand by Me aka my favorite movie ever. and I spent any chance I could get today reading it since it was nice and breezy out today